Mysql Search and Replace query


Mysql Search and Replace query  is a common but really powerful one, especially if you are mining or filtering data.You can search and replace all instances of a matched string or text in a mysql data table with the help of the following query. We will use the mysql update command for this and … [Continue Reading...]

WordPress SMS Plugins List


Php is an Awesome Programming language, there a lot of things you can do with it. We all know that WordPress is build with PHP and there the functional possibilities are almost limitless . Recently, we built a SMS Messages website for a Client in Wordpress, and one of the requirements was to have … [Continue Reading...]

What is VPS Hosting


So you have decided to have your own website. You have done all the necessary homework and your business plan is ready. Next, you will register a … [Continue Reading...]

Best Free Web Hosting Sites

this is a list of best free web hosting sites

This list contains some of the best and free web hosting sites, the enlisted sites have been carefully compiled on this list after testing them for a … [Continue Reading...]

Free Blog Hosting Sites List


Blogging has become a phenomenon world wide, for people from all walks of life. And Some have even taken blogging as a profession and it is a good … [Continue Reading...]

List of Commentluv Enabled Blogs with High PR

this is a list of blogs which have commentluv enabled in them

Commenting on other blogs is a great way to build some links and also a good way to effectively communicate with other bloggers in the same niche. … [Continue Reading...]

Dofollow Forums List with High PR

Increase your Page Rank with the dofollow-forum-list

We all know that Link-Building is an very important aspect for Search Engine Optimization of a web-site, especially getting HR Pr, relevant back … [Continue Reading...]

NGINX Virtual Host Configuration-[Install Multiple Sites on NGINX Server]

this is a nginx virtual host diagram

NGINX is a wonderful server platform, its light weight structure, efficiency and speed make it webmasters favorite web server system, especially if … [Continue Reading...]

How to Automatically Watermark Images in WordPress


Making a website into an online brand  is an art and there are not many artists out there for you to hire, even if you do it would cost you  lot, … [Continue Reading...]

How to Make a Static WordPress Homepage

static wordpress home page

Does your WordPress blog or WordPress website require a static home page instead of  displaying the list of blog posts like in all other WordPress … [Continue Reading...]