Learn how to Redirect Google Images Traffic to your WordPress Blog or Website

I hope you understand the potential of the traffic you can gain with Google Image Search. The earlier version of google image search used to to take the visitors straight to the page on the websites where the images are placed, but the latest version of google image search, creates an iframe where only the image is shown, the user cannot access the website unless and until he doesn’t click on the ‘Website For this Image‘ link found on the top right section of the screen.

Well, there is a work around to redirect google images traffic to your website. Its just a few lines of java script code snippet, which you  have to copy and paste at the header or at the footer section [It is advisable to run it at the footer section for optimizing your page load time, this way this javascript code will run only after rendering other elements of the page], or if your site runs on wordpress you can simply follow the steps given below.


To redirect google images search traffic for WordPress blogs  or websites follow these tips given below:

  1. Download the redirect for Google Images Redirect wordpress plugin.
  2. Install this wordpress plugin on your wordpress blog.
  3. After successful installation make sure that you activate this plugin from your wordpress admin control panel.

That’s it now all the visitors from google images will directly land on your web page where the image is located.

To redirect google images search traffic for Non-Wordpress websites follow these tips given below:

  1. Copy the lines of code given below.
  2. Paste it on the Head or Footer section of your websites’ HTML.
  3. That’s it its simple, now all the traffic from google images will be sent directly to your website.

There are 3 Versions of the Java Script Code, which you can use to redirect the google image results to your website. Whilst all the three serve the purpose of redirecting the images search traffic, choose any one of these lines of code, which ever suits your website.




To redirect google images search traffic for a blog hosted on blogger, follow these steps

  1. Log in to your Blogger.com account.
  2. Click on Design -> and then click on the Edit HTML option.
  3. Now find the </head>html tag on your blogger template.
  4. Just copy and paste any one of the given three code snippets, just before the </head> tag on your blogger html template.

Copy and paste any one of these lines of code into your website or blogs HTML source code, it will automatically redirect all the image search traffic to your website. However, it is not known if this setting would effect the Search Engine Optimization of your website. Hope you found this post useful to redirect google images traffic to your website, if you have any queries then please comment below.

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  1. Vipin says:

    first of all ..thanks.Yes i am getting too good impressions via image search,but i could able to transform that to page visits(actually i wouldn’t think about that).Now its working.Thanks again

  2. Meme says:

    Thanks for the wordpress plugin. I run a meme website so all my content are pictures and this really helped me gain actual page traffic instead of people just coming to download the picture and leave. Thanks again!

  3. jaydeep says:

    If i redirect user from google images to my website using javascript code is valid or not as a google policy ?

  4. Moin Ramiz says:

    not possible anymore with new images design of Google.

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