What is VPS Hosting

So you have decided to have your own website. You have done all the necessary homework and your business plan is ready. Next, you will register a catchy domain name. What’s next? A globalized server to run your application, making it accessible all over the world. Traditionally, you will have to go for a dedicated server, completely dedicated to your site alone.This will always work well and guarantees you a good  resources and response time. But such traditional way looks advantageous for high-end businesses where cost factor is not much of a hassle. But for small but ambitious businesses, cost factor is really a concern. This is where VPS [Virtual private Server] comes in to save the day.

A VPS is a cost-effective way for small businesses to achieve flexibility and efficiency ofa dedicated server, only without the circumstantial expense factor associated with a dedicated server. Virtual Private Server [VPS] also known as Virtual Dedicated Served [VDS] is really a virtual server which appears to its users as a dedicated one. Simply speaking, a VPS is a mini server running inside a bigger server. One particular physical server will host multiple virtual servers, isolated from each other, which can be assigned to a particular user to have his own application running inside the mini server. VPS is based upon multi-tenancy technology which enables us to have almost all the functionality you will get from a dedicated box without actually assigning a dedicated box.

Virtual Private Servers can be seen as a completely isolated server partitions having its own root access and guaranteed share of server resources like CPU Units, memory, disk space, bandwidth and more. Moreover you can have your desired Operating System loaded and can run independent applications that are not shared among’st other private servers claiming for enhanced security than shared hosting technologies. You can run programs like web server, mail server, FTP and more with the hosting software in your VPS. And when you are confident about your business growth and feel you require more resources, you have the advantage of increasing your resources whenever you want with very minimal cost involved. There are a lot of hosting companies in the market which provide VPS servers at a low price’s. From years of experience in this field, I would recommend HostGator and BlueHost because of their awesome service.

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  1. Paban says:

    I was searching for VPS .I found this blog and the information on Vps hosting is really good since i have little knowledge of it. Thanks

  2. Akshay says:


    vps post was much informative 2 me and the key attraction of the vps is its flexibility and affordable 4 smaller organisation.

    Thanks a lot!!!

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