How to Rename a Genesis Child Theme

The Genesis Framework by studiopress is one of the best, efficient and SEO friendly frameworks available at the moment. By default Genesis themes come inbuilt with a lot of functionality in them. Earlier in the day when I first started using genesis framework and genesis child themes for my blog I was surprised at the number options inbuilt in these themes, they had every feature which makes a blog rich on a lot verticals. With genesis you can do almost anything you want with your site, one such option is to easily rename genesis child theme to what ever you want it to be called as, this makes your blog or website more brandable.

To Rename a Genesis Child Theme, just follow these 3 steps:

Before you change the name of your genesis child theme make sure that this theme is not activated or download the theme file on your computer, make the changes and upload this theme to the server, then activate it after uploading. In the example given below I am using this site to demonstrate the process of changing the name of the genesis child theme

1. Access your web server where your blog is hosted. how to change-genesis-child-theme-name

2. Go to public_html->wp-content->themes->genesis_child_theme_folder

3. Rename the Genesis child theme folder to any name you prefer.

4. Edit the Style.css file to make it more Brandable, you can see how I have edited my blog’s style.css file as given below.

5. Now go to public_html->wp-content->themes->Renamed_Genesis_child_theme , open the functions.php file, find the following lines of code which are usually placed at the top of the functions.php file and edit it as follows.[Note: Make sure you replace bornvirtual to the name you chose for your genesis child theme and your site name where ever possible] .

/** Child theme (do not remove) */

define( ‘CHILD_THEME_NAME’, ‘bornvirtual theme’ );

define( ‘CHILD_THEME_URL’, ‘’ );

Most of the Genesis Themes by default will have these lines of code if you cant find them on your functions.php file them just copy and paste them below the following lines.

That’s it you have successfully changed the name of the theme. Now all you have to do is upload[if you edited these files on your computer] this folder to your server and Activate this theme from your WordPress admin Panel. I hope you found this tutorial to be useful, got any doubts? then please comment below and let me know.

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